Thursday, September 8, 2011

Abby: thursday morning pancakes

On Thursdays I don't have class till 2pm.  granted, that doesn't mean I have nothing to do till then, but it does mean that I get some time to make breakfast a little more special than the usual grab-no-go granola bar or quick bowl of oatmeal.
 I had roasted my pumpkin in the oven last night so this morning I was thinking pumpkin oatmeal.
but then while looking for a recipe I stumbled upon a KERF recipe for pumpkin oatmeal pancakes and realized I already had ALL the ingredients!
 while the recipe made more than is in the pictures...not all of it made it from pan to plate, some went straight onto my fork :) they were sooo good.
 a perfect 8am start to the day. Then did some homework that turns out isn't due till next week. Isn't it great when that happens.  And now, meetings, class, hw, study....let the crazy begin!

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