Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Abby: We are sorry! and super busy :(

So much for blogging more often.  These first few weeks/months of school have been so jam packed I can barely find time to work out.  Don't get me wrong, I'm loving all of my classes (our classes) and surprisingly I've been getting "normal people" amounts of sleep!  Continuing being a morning person is my goal for the semester.  Trying to avoid old habits of being nocturnal. 
 just to wet your appetite and prove that Kristen and i still are cooking, eating, and snapping picts.  These are probably bad examples since one is a doctered soup from ABP, one is a SIAB (smoothie in a bowl), and the other is popcorn, but you get the point.
 I am right now studying for our Foodservice and Meal Management Test (Thursday) and our Food Science Test (Friday).  Did I mention we have Metabolic homework and a Metabolic quiz on Friday too?  Busy busy. 
On a brighter note, I am very excited to get to go cook at the Women's Shelter for my first time tonight! hmmmmm wonder what we are making. 
Kristen, If you want to study together late tonight let me know :) and everyone else, HAVE a WONDERFUL DAY/week/LIFE!

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