Saturday, July 16, 2011

Abby: Breakfast when you have NO ideA what you want

On the weekends, back at school, I would always make a special effort for breakfast.  Instead of my daily oatmeal with cinnamon or a granola bar and fruit on the run, i would get up and actually make something.  Awesome packed omelet, chocolate chip pancakes, french toast, breakfast egg sandwich...all great options.  But here at home, not wanting oatmeal, i HAD NO IDEA what i wanted. nothing sounded good, nor did I want to put in much effort.  The decision?

a bowl of blueberry goodness! A huge heap of blueberry yogurt and almost an equal amount of blueberries on top.  Kashi GoLean provided a perfect crunch, not to mention whole grains.  I realize this combo may seem obvious to some people, but i NEVER think of yogurt for breakfast.
But I sure will now!

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