Friday, July 22, 2011


HOT Friday! Saw 103 on the temp's for today YIKES... tried paddle boarding in the ocean it was awesome and probably my new favorite thing to do ever its awesome and really fun an relaxing too.  Anyways here is some catchup foodie pix I took thought you might enjoy...
Andrew got all upset when he saw that his ice cream sandwhich was smaller in size compared to Alana's bigger sized popsicle... so after trying to explain they both have the same amount of energy you get from each dessert treat I turned it around and made him super excited... had him close his eyes and turned the boring sandwhich into a superstar sprinkled with an explosion of colored sprinkles! wow was he impressed... alana definitely couldnt do that with her popsicle!

Later when I went home my sister asked me to make some bangin grilled peaches like I did for her last week so I did but I spiced it up a little and made a couple different variations...

1. One has vanilla bean ice cream in the center sprinkled with cinamon and a drizzle of agave nectar.

2. These two have raisins in the center and again sprinkled with cinamon and agave nectar

And this I tried dicing up the peaches and put on toasted half of a Joesph's wrap with sprinkled raisins, cinamon, and agave nectar DELISH!

Ok so now onto Friday morning... a little mid morning snack... rolled up banana in Joseph wrap with soynut butter, sunflower seeds, and cinamon... I toasted it for a minute in the toaster oven for a little crisp which I love as you can already tell haha

And for lunch had some of my barley and veggies I made the other night on top of a bed of greens and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. =) I wish my camera took better pictures your colors always look so vibrant mine doesnt seem to do the trick. Oh well you get the hint at least of what Ive been up to! ;-)

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