Sunday, July 17, 2011

Catching up on past food pix

mini turkey burger on top of toasted wheat crisp finished off with fresh beefsteak tomato and cilantro - this is what i made for our food demo for business health services!

 Homemade Pizza using fresh beefsteak tomato and basil from the garden - drizzle with a little balsamic vinegar!

Got creative with the kids I babysit... p.s. kids LOVE to decroate and dress up their food ... hmm what else could i get them to eat by having "FUN" with food? Here we have a "firepit" made of peaches.  Below we have the classic ants on a log!

This is my GO TO staple favorit breakfast ever! Greek yogurt with berries, topped with cinamon and here I have sunflower seeds and sliced almonds/walnuts... sometimes I will add grapenuts or a little granola.

Got these at the farmers market just thought it was a cool pic/ dcumentation of my FAVORITE snack: snap peas! YUM so fresh and crisp!

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