Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Abby: Marticle (Mini Article)

I've started writing these for work.  But I'll give you a sneak peak at the one written today ;)

Hungry? Are you sure?
So you think you are hungry, but it isn’t meal time.  Before you reach for that cake or candy bar, stop and think.  That feeling may actually be thirst.  Many of us easily mistake the feeling of thirst for hunger, eating more than we would like, and not feeling satisfied after.  Try drinking a glass of water first and see how you feel.  A study done at Virginia Tech showed that drinking a 16oz glass of water before a meal helped people ended up eating less.  Another trick to deciphering needless craving eating from actual hunger is to first ask yourself “if this _________ was an apple (or another fruit/vegetable) would I still want to eat it?”  If the answer is “no”, you are probably not eating out of hunger.  But remember, deprivation is no way to live.  If you have an occasional craving, go ahead and indulge a little, just remember that a reasonable amount doesn’t mean you eat the entire cake.

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