Monday, July 25, 2011

Abby: Jealous of Kristen

Kris, I just read your Wednesday. I am head TRIPPING over my heals jealous of your work day.  Love my job, but knowing that others get to be paid to play outside when the weather is so nice, makes my office seem much less apetizing.  Actually since today is over 100 degrees, my airconditioned cubicle is feeling pretty good.

But whether here or home, I am a snacker.  Office work can make you just as hungry as running around and it is always important for me to keep a stocked cabinet. 
My coworkers all thought I was crazy when they first saw me sticking a sweet potato in the office microwave.

Now they are used to it.  I eat them "just like an apple" according to Kim.  Sometimes I cut them open and dump (litterally dump) a ton of cinnamon inside, reclose it up and let it smolder...that sounds weird.
but you know what, they are litterally one of my FAVORITE foods.

Another favorite food? Sloppy joes!  The other night I came home to my little (20 year old) brother complaining of having no food in the house.  Luckily I talked him out of spending money on ordering in with the proposition of an old favorite.  But since we had taco seasoning already in the cupboard, we improvised.
I present.......Turkey Taco-Joes! The last of my fresh basil and a sprinkle of cheese finished it off to Perfection.
and of course  a large heap of veggies.  After a long run it really filled me back up.  Now that I am out of basil though....I'm desperate for more!  I put it on top and bottom of this TTJ.  You are only looking at half of it.
The rest of my basil had gone to random different meals.
including a rather large TBM omelet a few nights earlier

Perfect recovery food after my long run that day.  I'm been having some knee issues lately.  But hopefully getting back into a better lifting regiment will help stabilize my knees. 

Today I did leg press for the first time in ages.  Good news is my strength hasn't diminished much.  205lbs bebe!!!

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