Monday, August 1, 2011

start of the week

It is going to be another beautiful Monday!  This weekend was gorgeous as well!  Went to Upstate New York for family get togethers and cousins grad party and such!  Made an awesome Fruit Trifle for the party... you have to try this it is literally to DIE for delicious!

 Sooo Easy to make to all you do is layer up a few ingredients and garnish with whatever you want.  Here are the layers:
1. Angel Food Cake (Store Bought, cut up into pieces to make 1" layer)
2. Vanilla/Strawberry yogurt
3. FRUIT - any kind you want! Here we did blueberries, strawberries, kiwi
4. Cool Whip

Layer all those one more time and then on the end just layer with fresh fruit a dollop of cool whip and a sprinle of sliced almonds.

My mom and I forgot but it looks much prettier if you cut the strawberries in half to layer onto the sides of each layer to look really pretty through the glass of the trifle dish (sides of strawberry face outwards)

There was a lot of other good food but I didn't take too many other pix I was busy socializing hehe.  Except we all thought it was hilarious so I took a picture of the kool aid drinks they had for the kids!  Here is my sister showing it to you I thought it was so funny I haven't seen these squeeze bottles since I was 7! Ha Ha

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