Saturday, August 20, 2011

Abby: Final Days

It is that time again.  Time to leave the hustle and bustle of Northern Virginia and get back to the southern splendor that is Blacksburg.  One thing that heading back to school means is the load-up trip to Costco!  You would swear that we didn't have grocery stores down there.
This was just the preliminary Costco run...but we ran out of time before I needed to get out of "the nova"
How necessary is all this?...ummmmmm.... let's just focus on what is there instead.  Pens and pencils (necessary), almond butter (cheaper than making my own), giant bag of quinoa (total STEAL), light chunk tuna, case of 5 Hour Energy (add half a bottle to a water bottle to jump start a lazy workout), and boxes of Kashi TLC Granola bars ( I live off of these)....yep, I'd say all necessary items : )
box #2 was full of apples, plums (under Kashi), more granola bars, canned chicken (so handy for quick meals), and Arnold's sandwich thins (more than I will ever need.  Thank goodness they freeze well).
At least I can justify this bunch.  The next trip will probably be  little harder...but I promise to try!

The bad thing about leaving for school is all the things I will miss.  Like my job that I LOVE!!!
or my friends who will still be up here. Hopefully I can convince a few to come visit for a football game or 2.  And of course, all the easy access to fresh fruit (payed for by the parents).  While I still plan to eat and buy local and fresh as much as possible, not having a job down there hinders me a bit.  But I guess we shall see...

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