Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blog much?

Haha so I was lovingg reading your recent updates on all the fun foods you have been experimenting with and eating... salmon on salad is probably my GO TO at every restaurant so I loved the fact you made your own take at home using your own mix of ingredients - we always surprise ourselves with what works!
As for me, I have been making great stuff too just not getting the camera to work and my phone camera does NOT do justice!  So anyways, just to keep you updates I will let you know what I have made and if I can get a picture in from next time I make something I'll put it up!

Ok so last week I went blueberry picking with the kids - so much fun I loved it and couldn't stop picking despite the 2 massive pails I filled (p.s. blueberry picking = stomach FULL from eating them off the trees for 2 hours haha I just could NOT resist) They were so big plump, and the perfect sweetness.  I liked some of the almost not ripe ones because they tasted a little tart and I kind of liked it.  The farm was huge and with the 2 boys we rallied up 29$ worth of blueberries!!! WOAH but hey it was actually only $3/lb so it worked out that it was reasonable price.  They had a lot more than me because I didn't have a ton of money to spend on blueberries but none the less I went home excited to use these lucsious babies up! Wish I had a pictureeee!So what did I do with these beautiful suckers?....

1. Blueberry Muffins and a Blueberry Bread (same batter... most likely nott good at all for you but these are by far the bestt muffins you will ever ever have in your life! I will post the recipe on the next page for recipes!

2. I add about 3/4 c of blueberries to my cereal with milk, or to greek yogurt! With yogurt is my absolute favorite I savor and suck on each blueberry with the creamy plain yogurt hanging on YUM

3. Freezed some to suck on as a dessert and to use in drinks as ice cubes

4. Purreed some with milk, ice, strawberries and freezed in dixie cups for little popsicle later

Saturday was my best friends big party - her 2 sisters graduated; 1 from HS the other from Pace University.  The party was a BLAST! So I was naturally excited to make stuff for food DUH thats my thing! What did I bring to the party?

1. White wine BLUEBERRY sangria! - white wine (any kind), lemonade, lemon-lime seltzer, couple Tbs sugar, lots of blueberries, oranges, lemons and by the end of the night there was some watermelon in there too... so pretty!

2. Blueberry pie! - double layer crust just golden and crisp on top, gooey and moist blueberries bubbling through the pie holes to the surface - DELISH

3. I made yes unhealthy but man these babies are good - mocha peanut butter brownies... layered the bottom of the dish with cup reeses peanut butter cups, layered on the pre-mixed brownie batter (yes box stuff) baked as directions called for and when they came out I dotted the tops with more cutup reeses peanut butter cups... The brownies were still warm so they kind of oozed into the brownie a little but still remained their form so you could tell what you were eating... these were to die for haha cooked perfect kind of gooey and moist on the inside and the peanut butter just cranked it to 5 star ratings haha

4. Entree/Side dish - 7 Bean Salad
This is a favorite of mine I will post the recipe in the recipe pages.  It is such a colorful dish and gives great flavor, everyone enjoys it and it give you all the protein you need!

5. Greek side salad - was in the cutting mood so chopped up cucumber, onion, cherry tomato, mozzarella, olives and mixed it all together with a little lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, some balsamic, salt and pepper... added couscous to make it a super duper great dish and the colors looked amazing.. I was only missing a little basil and cilantro to top it off and make it just perfect but either way this dish is always a hit!

 Mixed field greens salad with cherry tomatoes in a warm homemade vinegrette dressing with lentils and carrots in the middle.
AMAZING potato salad... garnished with deviled eggs and cabbage lining the sides.

These are some pictures of the other foods served.. french style theme by my best friends sister Rahel - she is going to be a like food network star or something or your next rachel ray! I helped her serve the dishes for the party..

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  1. The sangria recipe sounds amazing! I can't wait to try that...along with everything/anything else blueberry in there. They really are the best summer berry (sorry Strawberry, it's not your fault).