Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back to School so soon?!

Wow I can NOT believe how fast this has come! Back to school already?! I have been running all over the place with barely any time to pack but its okay cause I cant wait to be back at school and see you and all my friends that I havent seen ALL summer long!  I am literally babysitting up until the day I leave (tomorrow 5 am).  Here are a food blogs of what I have been up to the past week or so!

Last week I had a little time and wanted to make something with the extra bags of amazing frozen edamame that I got but only myself uses so I had to use it up before I left... It was cold and rainy suprisingly and I lovee spicy hot stuff so I made a kickin edamame chili/stew.
It may not look amazing cause my phone camera stinks but the colors really were just beautiful!  The green from the edamame, green bell peppers plus I added a can of whole tomatoes, several fresh chopped tomatoes from the garden, used up some corn (from the cob / farmers market fresh), diced onion and of course some garlic and crushed pepper.  For the seasoning I used cayenne, allspice, cinnamon, and once it was mostly cooked I added lemon juice and oregano.  It was delicious and great for a meal/snack/side with a salad/ or to freeze for later use!  

Ok so over the weekend I went to cape cod to my cape house.  My friends and I had a ball!  We were down on the beach the entire day enjoying the weather and because we live on the bay side the tide goes out ridiculously far (a mile I am NOT joking).  Anyways it makes for great.... clam digging!! We have our lisence so we can find whatever and keep it!  Without even meaning to as we were walking out to the water there were crabs everywhere and I happened to step on a clam too so we used out shovels and pails and loaded them in... Then we took them home and boiled up the suckers!  Talk about fresh!

Overall a great weekend and then yesterday had to take a picture of the gorgeous salad I was craving after too many drinks/food from the weekend... Here there is arugula (MY FAVORITE) with fresh local tomatoes, red onion, and a greek style pasta salad (pene, feta, sundried tomatoes, kalamata olives, cucumber), it was a to die for salad and I thoroughly enjoyed every bit YUM

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