Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Abby: oops!

So I wanted to blog today. I was very excited about it in fact.  I had it all planned out.  Then I went to put my pictures on this computer only to discover that all of a sudden my memory card was EMPTY??? Hopefully the pictures are randomly still on my work computer. 
But for now at least I guess I can catch up on some old pictures I have been meaning to put up.  Like this AMAZING sandwich.  It is a hummus and veggie on rye from this deli right across from work in Arlington called Mikes.  I never eat out (cause I am a poor intern) but I have gotten this sandwich 4 times this summer.
And I have only gone out 5 times.  yes it is that good.  and while it may not look so daunting from these pictures, this sandwich is HUGE!!! and heck yes I finish it each and every time! :)
And to continue the post to the tune of "these are a few of my favorite things" do do dodododo....ALADDIN'S spinach salad with fresh pita and hummus.  I stayed vegetarian for a whole month literally so that I could continue getting my family to go to Aladdin's for this.  It is a huge salad topped with sprouts, fetta, mushrooms, and cucumbers.
Top it off with their house dressing (imported olive oil + lemon juice + Mediterranean seasonings of some sort = heaven).  When I am in desire of some animal protein, I order lamb on top.  It is a splurge and tastes soooooo good.  For just one hour I almost feel like I am back in Israel....I can't wait to get back if only for the food! 
Can you tell I LOVE my middle eastern cuisine?

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