Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Abby: Summer Grillin

What does Summer mean to you?  To me it means time for playing outside, sunflowers, hanging with friends, tons of sunscreen (at least 45 SPF because I'm pale), and of course GRILLIN!  

Grilling is one of the most healthy cooking methods there is. Like baking and broiling, it doesn't require any water or oil (though you can put some on to reduce sticking and for a bit of flavor) and because it is a "dry method" no nutrients are lost from the food as they would be if cooked in water and then drained. 
Dry-heat cooking method: "Dry-heat cooking refers to any cooking technique where the heat is transferred to the food item without using any moisture. Dry-heat cooking typically involves high temperatures, meaning 300°F or hotter."

At work today I came back from lunch to find some gorgeous goodies sitting on my chair.  Jennifer had too green of a thumb this year and ended up with too many mini egg plants and bell peppers...if that is possible.  I gladly took a few off of her hands. :)
aren't they cute!  I couldn't resist a Min-E photo shoot
ok just two more pictures I promise...
 at least until it was time to actually cook them.  I decided to go simple.  Cut the veggies from Jen up along with some baseball sized white button mushrooms, tossed them with balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, and sprayed them with a bit of Pam canola.  Olive oil would have worked too, but with the grill temp being so high I was slightly concerned about the oil's smoke point.

They cooked up a lot faster than I anticipated.  Plus I was attempting to grill while on the phone with Nicole.  But close the lid, one flip, close again, and they were done.

I threw a corn on the cob that had been cooked up the other night on at the end to get some grill marks. Probably should have left it on longer, but I was getting hungry! 
To the pile I added two stalks of brococlini left over from last night's dinner and some fresh cherry tomatoes.  It was SOOO GOOD.  As if it all wasn't enough fiber, I grabbed a Kashi GoLean Trail Mix granola bar as I dashed out the door to meet Lizzy, Anna, and Karen for another night of dancing! Yes, that is right, 3 nights of country line dancing and Texas two-step in less than a week.  And I couldn't be happier! I've got to get as much in as possible before heading back down to VT.  Let the count down begin: 7 days!!!

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  1. BEAUTIFUL - the mix of colors greens, red, white, purple amazing plating and colorful arrangement. The grilled char on the veggies the glaze even it looks truly amazing my mouth is watering!!! Props Props the foodogrophy has got me hooked. and p.s. these are like all my FAVORITE foods can we replicate this together to enjoy and savor?!