Saturday, August 6, 2011

Abby: Texas Sized Salad and a Little Two-step

Last night Natalie and I decided to finally head back to Nick's Night Club for some country line dancing and Texas two-step.  It is my absolute favorite bar.  But first, I had to figure out dinner.  All I was craving was salmon and salad.  However, trying to get into a place that has that on the menu at 7pm on a Friday is Impossible to say the least.  Luckily we had exactly 1 large piece of salmon left in the freezer and a brand new bag of spinach.
As I put the salmon on the stove, I remembered my avocado sitting in the fridge. I had been planning on making guacamole for a while but kept coming home too tired...

Little did I know it was sooooo easy to make! Unfortunately Guac is not one of those foods that is cheaper to make your self.  It costs almost exactly the same...or you have to make a crap ton to get any savings$
Guacamole Attempt #1
1 avocado
1/6 chopped sweet onion
1 clove garlic
dash of salt and pepper to taste
splash of lemon juice (and lime juice cause I believe everything should have lime in it)
Directions: Put all ingredient in the chopper (or blender/food processor) and blend until creamy.  I should have let the garlic sit out a little longer to mellow a bit. The first bite was a kicker.  2nd day is sooo much better.
I put a big heap of it on top of the salmon salad.
It may have been an odd combination: spinach, blueberries, apple cider vinigar, cooked onions, salmon, and guac

But it was sooo good.  I definetly want to make this combo again.  Honestly I think it was the blueberries, onions, and guac that made it though.
Then I pulled on my brand new boots and danced the night away!
Gosh my feet are big   :O /  o well, they are gorgeous aren't they!!!

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